Que Animal Es Crash Bandicoot Yahoo?

Crash bandicoot es una especie de mamíferos marsupiales del género extinto Crash, un grupo de peramélidos cuyos fósiles se encontraron en 2014 en Riversleigh, al noreste de Australia, un yacimiento declarado Patrimonio de la Humanidad en 1994.

What animals are related to the bandicoot?

Bandicoot is a small animal that belongs to the group of marsupials. It looks like a rat, but it is actually more closely related to a rabbit. Bandicoot can be found in the rainforests, wet and dry woodlands, swamps and thickets of Australia. Out of 21 species of bandicoots, seven are classified as critically endangered or already extinct.

Is Crash Bandicoot a dog or Fox?

Oh yeah, that really famous character, Crash Fox it’s funny to think that, after over 20 years of the Crash Bandicoot franchise, there’s still people thinking he’s a fox just because he’s orange and have pointy ears -_- Despite his name being Crash BANDICOOT, too. Nobody knows what a bandicoot is. I always thought he was a fox as well

What is the name of the dog from Crash Bandicoot?

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  • Does Crash Bandicoot have autism?

    Sony confirms that Crash Bandicoot is still owned by Activision. Activision does indeed still hold the rights to Crash Bandicoot. Does Crash Bandicoot have autism? Crash Bandicoot is a cartoon – an animation – and thus its actions are pre-programmed, just like a robot. Therefor, it has no mind, and it could not be autistic.